Sunday, 23 February 2014


Harbour Street by Ann Cleeves (2014)
Vera Stanhope #6 

 On their way home on the Metro, Detective Joe Ashworth and his daughter Jess discover a dead woman in their carriage. The woman is running a small B&B on Harbour Street. The police has a hard time finding a motive for the killing as the victim seemed to have lived a quiet life. But even the quiet ones have their secrets.

The sixth Vera Stanhope novel, and this is the one I liked the least. I just didn't get as sucked in as I normally have when reading Ann Cleeves' novels. This novel was more narrated by others than Vera, and although it was nice to finally get into Holly's mind, it didn't do anything for the story. And the plot didn't convince me at all.

Hopefully the next one will be better, and I have really enjoyed the other Vera Stanhope novels, so read them! And also watch the series. 

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