Friday, 4 January 2013


Life of Pi by Yann Martel (2001)
“Japanese-owned cargo ship Tsimtsum, flying Panamanian flag, sank July 2nd, 1977, in Pacific, four days out of Manila. Am in lifeboat. Pi Patel my name. Have some food, some water, but Bengal tiger a serious problem. Please advise family in Winnipeg, Canada. Any help very much appreciated. Thank you.

Pi grew up in a zoo as his father was the director and he spent the days learning about animals. He was also very interested in faith and shocked his family and teachers by practising Islam, Hinduism and Christianity at the same time. His family decides to migrate to Canada when the situation in India became troubled and they sell off the animals to various zoos. Some of the animals are going to zoos in America and they are therefore on the same cargo ship which the Patel family set out for Canada with. But the cargo ship sinks and Pi finds himself in a lifeboat with a hyena, zebra, monkey and Richard Parker, the enormous tiger.

Seeing the film trailer every where at Christmas, I decided that it was time to reread the book. I remember that I really enjoyed the book the first time around, and although I remember the setting, there were lots I had forgotten.

It is certainly still a good tale, but I found the days on the sea rather repeating and boring. But then I guess that's what it's like on the sea. I still haven't decided which of the two versions of the story in the end that I believe is the true one.

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  1. Jeg startet leseåret 2011 med å lese denne boken og den var bedre enn forventet. Den var langt fra noe høydepunkt i 2011, men en fin start på året likevel.

    I omtalen min skrev jeg at den andre versjonen av historien var den mest troverdige, men at jeg ikke orket å ta stilling til hvilke av historiene jeg ville tro på, da leseropplevelsen var fin uansett. Hadde boken blitt en favoritt hadde jeg nok brydd meg mer...


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