Sunday, 22 January 2012

week 3

(Trying a new thing where I reflect on the past weeks in books and the like.)

Last week was a slow reading week. The weekend was spent playing the national championship in volleyball for teachers and I didn't get any reading done at all. The rest of the week was just as bad with a lot of work and long evenings of assessment. I read just a chapter in Great Expectations before bedtime each night. Except on Wednesday when I took some time off and read almost the whole You Deserve Nothing. And then yesterday I finally got a lot of reading time.

Books I finished
You Deserve Nothing by Alexander Maksik - set at an international school in Paris where the popular teacher has a sexual relationship with a young student. A slow start but then when the relationship started it caught my attention. I especially liked how there was no moral to the story.  

Currently reading
Great Expectations by Charles Dickens - the first book in Line's reading challenge which should be reviewed next Sunday. A very slow read at the beginning because I was only able to read a chapter before falling asleep, but yesterday I finally got to read a lot. I'm currently at page 111, it is good so far but I hope Pip soon will grow up as the child's perspective is getting on my nerves.

We, the Drowned by Carsten Jensen - what a brilliant book! Seldom have I been so shocked and so amazed by a book. Already shaping up to become one of my very favourite books so it better not disappoint in the remaining 400 pages.

Books I bought
None! (But 6 are somewhere between Amazonland and here). I also need to buy more bookshelves before buying more books.

Next week's plan
Finish Great Expectations and We, the Drowned. Then start on a book by a female author. I'm considering Edwidge Danticat or Banana Yoshimoto. Or Jonathan Franzen or Haruki Murakami. Will make my mind up when I get there.

(Is this yay or nay?) 

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