Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Red Bones by Ann Cleeves (2009)

Sandy Wilson, one of the Shetland's policemen, pays a visit to his grandmother, only to find her shot outside her house. The Fiscal rules it as an accident, shot by one of Sandy's relatives who had been hunting rabbits. But Jimmy Perez is not too sure if it was an accident and starts looking into it. And then one of the archaeologists who has been working on a dig by the grandmother's house is found in the pit with her wrists slit. A suicide or a murder?

The murder investigation never seems to get anywhere, but that didn't worry me at all as I really got into the characters and the story. And I like the mix between archaeology and crime. It is a pity that it were my two favourite characters that were murdered.

I like how the books get better, I hope the fourth book, Blue Lightening will be as amazing as this one.

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