Friday, 7 January 2011


Great House by Nicole Krauss (2010)

Four different stories, set in New York, London and Israel are linked together by a desk. A desk that has travelled around the world, from author to author, and is ever present in the life of the current owner of it.

The narrators of the stories are all lonely and somewhat resentful people. It took me a long time before I was able to follow the writing style of the book, and then I really enjoyed it. I found the first part, called All rise to be too detailed and very close to giving up after it took me a very long time to read the first fifty pages. My favourite part was definitely Lies told by children and I wish this was also included in the second part of the book. I also enjoyed Swimming holes while True kindness was too resentful for my liking.

And of course the chapters end when they are at the most dramatic peaks. I decided, while reading the book, that I need a big antique desk when I get a great house on my own.

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